Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's Motivation: Animal School

Over the years I have collected quotes, poems, prayers, videos, excerpts of books...etc. related to things that I am passionate about.  Many of these are about teaching, school and/or disability.  I am required to have a spiritual goal as part of my professional growth plan so I'm going to spend some time each Monday either pulling something up that I already have or finding something new and then reflecting or spending time in prayer related to it.  Some of my thoughts I will share here, some will be private but each week I will share the video, prayer, poem, quote, exerpt...etc. that I am looking at that week.

This week is a video that I have had tucked away for several years now called "Animal School".  I have gotten it from u-tube but it is also available for purchase at

This one pretty much speaks for itself and so I will just post it...

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