Monday, August 17, 2009

Individual Student Materials

Rainbow Our classroom is full and spilling over.  With people, equipment, materials..etc. things seem to end up everywhere.  My students do not have lockers or desks to store materials.  This makes sense as the materials we have for each student are not always traditional school supplies.  As a result, I have dedicated spaces for each student on a side shelf and in the bathrooming area.  Here is what is kept in these spaces:

On the side shelf, each student has a half of a shelf and the following materials are housed on that shelf:
  • Individual Programming Binder:  I have outlined this binder in a previous post.  This is my way of tracking information for IPPs and the staff's way of knowing/understanding what is to be worked on with each student.  For more information see my "Individual Programming" post.
  • School Materials Bin:  This bin houses any materials that are specifically for the student.  This may include nuk brushes the student uses, timelines, reinforcers that are student specific, visuals that are student specific, student specific pictures used for programming...etc.  In the past I have had community bins for things like scissors, markers, crayons, glue...etc. but I am changing that this year and these materials will go in this bin (in a pencil box) so that when we are working on a project the student can assist with deciding what to use (keying in to some of my goals related to functions of common objects).
  • PECS Binder:  Six of my eight students are non-verbal so we use a lot of PECS.  All of my students use PECS for some activity throughout the day so they all need to have their individual PECS.  This means each student has a binder.  I just use a regular binder and then take cardstock and laminate it and then velcro the pictures on to that.  I add tabs in the following categories (note that not all students use all categories): Actions/Functions, Emotions, I Want to Say, Leisure Choices, Life Skill Items, School Items, Places, Positions, People, Work Activities, Morning Routine (include date, weather, voting...etc. PECS), Other (included here are positions, colors and anything else that is needed as we go along).  I have a list in my teaching binder that staff can write on if they are in need of a symbol for a specific student and then the next time I'm working with Boardmaker I will put these together and add to that student's binders (and other binders if it seemed appropriate to other students).
  • Religion Project Binder:  I also outlined this in an earlier post.  Each student will have a binder to keep the things they have made in.  I will also put outlines of activities in to this binder.  As the activities are finished, the outlines are taken out and replaced with the actual project the student made (or pictures and notes about the student enjoying the experiences).  For more information,  see my "2009-10 Religion Project" Post.

  • Transition Portflio:  Again, a work in progress.  Something I'm trying to get started this year.  I'm stillin the brainstorming stages of this.  For more information, see my "Transition Portfolios" Post.
  • Other Binders/Folders/Duotangs as Appropriate:  Students may have binders or duotangs for literacy, mathematics, reading, individual research projects...etc. depending on what is appropriate to that student.  A lot of material gets sent home as it is finished as notes or data has been recorded about the material in the programming binder for me to use already.
In the bathrooming area, we also need to organize the students.  Therefore each student has a personal hygeine/Effects Bin (toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, suntan lotion, bug spray, brush, comb, hair accesories, change of clothes...etc.) as well as an area (drawer, shelf, bin depending on what is appropriate) for toileting materials (diapers, pull-ups, wipes, powders, creams...etc.).

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