Friday, May 1, 2009

New Program for Us: news-2-you :)

News2you I have just ordered News-2-You and am very excited about it.  Here is a link to their web site:

A simple explanation of the program is
News-2-You is a symbol newspaper designed for children and adults with learning disabilities. A weekly newspaper illustrated with line-drawn pictures. Receive 3-4 pages of current events, a craft or recipe, a joke, and an activity page that relates to the week's lead story. Although it is written in the USA most of the topics will be of interest to anyone. You can download a sample copy from the site.
A couple other places that have information about News-2-You that tipped me off on this program are:
  • Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs Blog: This is a great blog that I try to check in with regularly because of the amount of information the author puts out on it.  Each week, the author posts a bunch of resources that go with the News-2-You theme of the week.  Amazing!
  • Adapted Learning News-2-You Group: Adapted Learning is a website that was put together by Myer Johnson so that people could share the Boardmaker files that they make for their classroom. A group specifically for News-2-You has been set up there so that people can share the adapted materials that they make to go with News-2-You activities.
  • SMD Teacher: Another great read!  This teacher has also posted things that she does while working with the News-2-You curriculum. 
I am hoping to build my themes around this for the 2009-10 school year.  I will be using a new newspaper every second week as opposed to every week so that we have some time to spend doing the extra stuff (as it takes time with my students when you want them to do things as independently as possible).  I'm very excited at this possibility and love the way the resources are set up on the first blog listed above.  I can see how I can incorporate a similar idea in to my program. 

I have set this as one of my categories as I'm sure I will be posting a lot more about it as I get in to it :).

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