Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Community Experiences Program

Communityoutings We are looking at a pretty managable number in the classroom for next year.  We will have six students, four learning assistants and myself.  The learning assistants will all be gaining hours and we will therefore have them in the room full time when students are there.  I'm excited as it opens up the opportunity for use to get out in the community more often. 

Therefore part of our program will consist of going out in the community to do things on a regular basis.  After a visit we will be putting together books documenting what we have learned.  We will pick up hand made materials, take photographs and put together books related to these experiences.  Books will be a tactile as possible to allow students to interact with them.  All decisions related to the book will be made by the students.  As much as possible, the students will put together the books.

At the end of the year, students will have a book outlining all they have experienced during the year.  I'm just starting to put plans together.  Transportation is going to be our trickiest issue with making this happen.  Stay tuned...

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